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The term yoga is not just asanas and breathing techniques (pranayama). It comprises of many other facets to bring about a harmony between the body, mind and soul -which eradicates diseases- which according to yoga is a disharmony between the three, the body, mind and soul.

We customize yoga according to individual's need.

  • → for physical and mental wellness
  • → increase circulation, balances hormones
  • → improves flexibility and mobility.
  • → framed specially according to one's body constitution and pulse (Nadi)
  • → Helps correct and cure disorders like arthritis, (Low back Pain, Knee pain), high blood pressure ,headache, asthma, sinusitis, menstrual problems, digestive complaints, obesity, stress.
  • → designed in a way to target a harmony of all her hormones to manage today‚Äôs stress.
  • → Specific for her menstrual complaints, hair fall, back pain, dull skin, hormonal imbalances.
  • → to make a stronger and beautiful you.
  • → for improving ones concentration, memory and alertness.
  • → improves grasping capacity.
  • → Creative, fun filled yoga
  • → Removes distraction, hyperactivity.
  • → Enhances a complete physical and mental development and immunity building.
  • → Improves concentration, creativity and general health.
  • → Total de-stress session for the body and mind
  • → Brings about a sense of inner peace with oneself.
  • → Helps balance emotions and rejuvenate the entire self.
  • → Tones and shapes body.
  • → Effective for losing pounds.
  • → Aimed at balancing the hormonal imbalances
  • → Balances one's pitta to improve the BMR.
  • → Sculpting of the body.
  • → Pre-natal yoga prepares the mother to be for the big day.
  • → Post natal yoga will help the new mother to cope up with her new transformation.
  • → Helps reduce pain
  • → Improves flexibility and elasticity of spine.
  • → Corrects the postural imbalances.
  • → Wades off the insecure, all alone feel
  • → Instills strength and secure feel.
  • → Removes distraction in mind and brings profound relaxation.
  • → Relaxes mind to the core
  • → Induces physical, mental and emotional relaxation.
  • → Improves their mobility and flexibility.

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