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Mr. Satya K - Annanagar

I underwent Acupuncture treatment in STR Obesity clinic.Consultation and treatment was given by Dr.Keerthana.I had severe allergy asthma such as from dust allergies to food allergies which would bring up wheezing and sinus along with it.The acupuncture treatment was very effective,i was able to notice great change from day one.I went for two needling courses which in end provided significant relief from allergies.Then Dr.keerthana taught Yoga techniques which helped me to prevent allergies further and build a strong immunity.

I like this Naturopathy way of treating the disease because they educate the patients about the disease, which is a great way to handle a disease/disorder and the cure is thru simple and effective natural techniques rather than those painful and harmful drugs that we unknowingly follow in other methods of treatments.

Naturopathy and Yoga are the ultimate solutions for all disorders in our everyday life.I highly recommend this clinic and Dr Keerthana is an amazing doctor.

Mr.P.Ramanathan & Mrs.Valli Ramanathan - Annanagar, Chennai.

I had visited Dr Keerthana for skin allergy and cholesterol management. Her prescription helped me recover from these ailments gradually, Her treatment consists of simple herbs which are readily available in the market and not difficult to source.

Her Naadi diagnosis was accurate and she suggested simple Yoga Asanas and Pranayama techniques as supplementary measures to speed-en up the recovery process.

My wife had also met her on several occasions to rectify her nagging leg pain. The naturopathy medicine and exercises suggested by the Doctor greatly improved her condition and she is feeling much better. We keep recommending other relatives to this pleasing and wonderful Doctor who may be young, but, she is very professional in her approach. We wish her the very best.

Br Biju Balan

The sense of happiness is beyond description, when I went back to pick up a cricket ball & throw from the boundary line to wicket keeper and pick up a badminton racket to play a smash over the head was something amazing. Due to the ‘Rotator Cuff Injury’ in my right shoulder, I was at verge of hanging up my passionate sports and wasn’t able to even pull the car seat belt with my right hand, such was the pain in the shoulder & elbow joint for over 3 years. After doing several rounds & rounds of physiotherapy, home remedies & pain killers, the final verdict was to go in for a surgery and no more throwing or smashing from then on, as suggested by a senior ortho specialist in a national chain of hospital based in Noida. But thanks to the Acupuncture therapy combined with holistic rehabilitation program thru Yogic practices & focused diet over two weeks ensured that, not only the clinical incision was avoided, but also the inflamed injured muscles & joints were fully recovered and strengthened to take double the intensity of load from the previous years. And I’m back to my usual high intense sporting activities. Sincere heartfelt thanks to Dr.Keerthana for being so positive & such a wonderful support in taking me thru the rehab program and ensured the healing process was well deep within. Thank you Keerthana for being so compassionate.

As they say “There is a magnet in the heart that will attract true friends”. But there was a magnet in my head that was pulling me down to earth whenever I looked down. Sinusitis, Heavy & crazy sinusitis. I just couldn’t bend down nor look down, and the earth will pull me closer to it, such was the sinus impact. Reading a page in my school books wasn’t just possible at all and couldn’t focus on anything around me except my forehead pain. Atlast found that, the Onion Raitha was the culprit triggering sinus very frequently, literally throughout the year. Tried every single medical therapy that I knew & heard of, but nothing worked on me. Even went to schedule a surgery to clear the nasal path by removing the extended bone within the nose. There came the help thru the acupuncture treatment by Dr.Venkateswaran. 10 sittings with him & it were like a magic, the sinusitis cleared off, not just once, but once for all. Since more than 14 years now, I’m a happy eater of biriyani with cup full of onion Raitha & sinusitis didn’t dare to come closer to my head. Thanks a lot to Dr Venkateswaran.

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