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Weight Loss Programmes

STR Obesity clinic’s weight loss program is designed uniquely for each individual according to their body constitution(vata,pitta,kapha). Its specialized weight loss program is planned in such way that a person loses 5 – 7 kgs in a month very easily and safely, without any side effects. The unique part of the weight loss program is that it uses safe dietary principles according to one’s body constitution after nadi pariksha & yoga to balance the hormones and activate the liver to metabolize fat effectively. The entire program is designed by doctors. So it also helps in easy maintenance of weight and the person does not gain back again after completing their program.

The root cause of weight gain like hormonal imbalances, anemia, hypothyroidism, stress, etc are eliminated. The best part of it is, the person learns the secrets of losing weight for their body type in the course time of their program. Not only do they lose weight but also learn the healthy lifestyle practices like eating healthy and the right exercising habits which they make it a daily regime.

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