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Counseling and Stress Workout

Counseling is done in a very unique way. According to yogic science, any emotional stress/mind set is particularly due to energy imbalance. So balancing the energies would help us to handle stress better. Simple breathing techniques and meditative techniques of kriya yoga helps us to handle today's stress efficiently.

Most of today's illness are psychosomatic (i.e., the roots of the bodily disease is present in the mind), so our counseling session helps not only to keep our mind at peace but brings about a drastic change on the health by breaking the roots of the disease.

Some of the sessions are

  • • Understanding our fears and letting it go
  • • Emotional therapy
  • • Depression therapy
  • • Anxiety therapy
  • • Anger therapy
  • • Family counseling
  • • Relationship counseling
  • • Counseling for personal development (empowering our self)
  • • Geriatric counseling
  • • Child counseling
  • • Accepting ourselves

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